eBook failure…or success? A month in review

“Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.”~Winston Churchill, English politician

October 1 came and went, and I did not publish my eBook. That’s okay. Really, I’m okay with that. Zentangle and the scrapbooking style a la Tim Holtz has taught me a lot about releasing my expectations of perfection. It’s not an excuse. I accept responsibility. I set a goal, I didn’t make it, so I just keep going.

Lets face it, I’m a lot closer than I was last Tuesday when I didn’t have a scratch of ink on paper. Today I am in my second–and final–review/rewrite of the story. I’m not looking back; once edited, that paragraph doesn’t get touched again. The next time I see that section will be either in my end spellcheck or when I hit Publish.


Happy Birthmonth to me

For now, I focus on what I did accomplish. September was a cool month. It’s my birthday month. As a kid, I loved it because that meant the start of school and time to use those new notebooks. Yes, I was a paper nerd. Wait, was…?

The only downside is that you didn’t meet a lot of kids in class to become friends with, so birthday party attendance was at an all-time low. Not like March birthdays; those kids’ houses overflowed with attendees…and therefore gifts.

This past month, I received unexpected gifts. I was at home with my in laws to eat mom’s homemade cheesecake and play with their 8-month-old puppy. We never make the 12-hour drive this time of year, usually reserving that for longer breaks, like Christmas and New Years Day.

I cropped with friends. I saw friends in Chicago, including Jane from Arizona who happened to be in town seeing her daughter off for college. Speaking of college, I didn’t make it PennState like I wanted to, but I hung out with friends in hometown Pittsburgh and ate Creamery ice cream at the only store I know of that sells it outside State College.

There was Zentangle. There was writing. I crossed the 40-hour mark exercising on my WiiFit and earned a gold pig counter. I renewed my Notary Public license. I drove my car over her 150K miles. I played games. There was coffee, cupcakes and candy corn flavored Oreos thanks to my husband.

Yep, I accomplished a lot. I hope you did. Take a moment to appreciate those and to look forward. October…whew…that’s gonna be another great month, starting with the book publication by this weekend.


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