The Sketchbook Project comes to Pittsburgh

“A true friend is one who overlooks your failures and tolerates your success.”~Doug Larson, American cartoonist

After five Sketchbook Project tourstops over two year seeing my sketchbook in person, I shared my book with my husband at the sixth in-person stop.

It just happened to be in Pittsburgh, my hometown, and dahntahn as well. I spent a lot of my youth wandering dahntahn since it was the main hub to transfer busses. I was seven years old when the family car died, and it turns out we did not need one. Our house was situated along a main bus route, and public transportation took us just about everywhere we needed to go.


Notice the special connection on this page?

Busses took us to grocery stores, amusement parks, malls, shopping districts, entertainment venues, museums, movie theaters and public parks. Yes, we waited for busses in the hot sun and snowy winters, but for us, a car was a convenience, not a necessity. Think of the mindset approach similar to a very, very miniature version of New York City.

PPG Place is a group of six buildings, each one made of glass that reflects the buildings and scenery around them. The sparkle magic of the castle always entranced me. Located in Market Square, these buildings created a unique addition to the city’s skyline. The Sketchbook Project’s tour trailer in Market Square created a unique addition to the city’s cultural activities for one afternoon.


My husband and my Office Guys

How the stars align. Pittsburgh was a last-minute tourstop. He happened to be there on that day, as was I. He had the late afternoon free, just 1.5 hours before the tour closed for the day, just enough time to get a library card, check out my book and even see a few others. I watched him read my sketchbook, smile at my art, study my details and even take pictures of the pages.

Of course he saw my book before I mailed it, but there’s something about holding it in your hands outside the household that makes the experience more special. That’s why I like being a roadie along this tour. It’s a different feeling being in another city sharing it with friends and loved ones who may or may not have seen it before. Even with strangers, it is the camaraderie of art and creation, especially with people who never heard about the Sketchbook Project and just stumbled upon the exhibit.


Him and ME creating MEmories with my MEmoir

That is my delight, the joy of any artist I daresay: to share our deeply personal creations with those we love.

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