Awesomeness quote for NaNoWriMo Day 1

“Write when you can. Finish what you start. Edit what you finish. Self-publish. Repeat.”~J.A. Konrath, writer

I cannot tell you how much that “Konrath Motivational Quote” (per his blog post May 7, 2011) resonates with me. I think it’s because I published my non-8-hour eBook last month. I did it. I accomplished my goal. My writing is out in The Real World for people to read, treasure and admire! That feels so good, and I want to feel that again. That’s why NaNo this year has to be done right…and write….

20131101-154206.jpgThe past two years, I accomplished my goal, but I feel like those were just tests. Have I done anything with either of those stories since then? Nope. I just reviewed them, and aside from the obvious plethora of creative spelling errors, they are not bad. So what’s my excuse? I needed a break; that, for sure, is not an excuse. But then I forgot about them in my other writing endeavors. Inner Editor screams horrible things at me: It’s no good, do not even consider going back, this was just an exercise, no one would ever buy this, no one is interested in this story…and so on. Curse him. Yes, my Inner Editor is a male; who else could make me so self-conscious, unpretty and worthless? A female IE would just be catty; my male IE is cruel.


A great way to write: coffee, baklava and Guys

My goal this year is to write 50K of a story that I CAN publish and WILL publish. I want this to be a worthwhile month, so what do I write? I planned to write my dragon-fantasy story inspired by Anne McCaffrey’s Harper Hall trilogy, but IE says that the story is too similar to her stories to be original. Curse him. Then I considered a memoir-type fiction, but what? Without a direction, my IE says why bother? Curse him. He’s left me stunned and stranded in what-do-I-writedom?

I learned from my non-8-hour eBook that writing a story involving a lot of historical fact-checking research is not something I am interested in doing right now. I want to write and create and have fun, as the 8-hour eBook Challenge reminded us to do. I do not mind not writing on this Day 1.  As long as I spend today deciding a story to write, then it will be a successful day.

How are you, fellow writers, spending Day One?


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