Help me! It’s Monday and I can’t get up!

“Fire yourself on Friday and come in on Monday morning as if a search firm put you there.”~Andrea Jung, American businesswoman

Yep, it’s Monday. Nothing went wrong but nothing went right. My desktop computer and email did not play nicely with my printer. I brewed a too-strong cup of coffee followed by a too-weak cup of coffee. I researched a travel adventure and then realized I could not go. A headache. Chipped fingernails. Evening plans with my husband changed. Rain turned into snow. All this before noon.


Tile #1 class mosaic

Even my evening Zentangle class started hectic. I am supposed to relax and spread the Zen, but I taught in the smaller room for one of my larger classes. Some class kits were incomplete, and my usual supply of extra items was left at home.

And then class started.


Second class mosaic

It was an active class, a class filled with questions and laughter and self-acceptance. Turns out I had some extra supplies with me. Then the room was quiet. There were murmurs and whispers and happy gasps. Once I was there and immersed in it all, life was okay. The class went longer than planned which led to a rushed ending, yet still plenty of time for the class mosaics. That inspiration, that is one of the most important part of the class.

That, and I had extra chocolate bars in my Zentangle supplies.

Another Monday was over.

Mondays get a bad rap, but I’m glad tomorrow is Tuesday.


All the creativity


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