NaNoWriMotown Midway Madness

“The idea is to write it so that people hear it and it slides through the brain and goes straight to the heart.”~Maya Angelou, American poet

I wish I could credit the creator of this: The first year I participated, I read the advice from someone at NaNo HQ (?) offered this advice: If you are stuck, throw in a Ninja.


NaNoWriMotown’s mascot Suddenly helped my Guys and NaNo Ninja reach amazing word heights today

Unless a Ninja worked in your storyline, the advice was figurative: throw an immediate obstacle in your hero’s path. What a revelation! At that point in my story, I gave my hero a cough. In my projection, that cough will lead to a full-blown cold, and his tribemates will avoid him even more. They will be even more suspicious of him, and at a critical future moment, his lingering cough will give the enemy his tribe’s hiding location.


This year I am struggling with my story, a time-travel novel where the heroine tries to prevent her mother from becoming sick. Where is my Ninja in that? I guess there can be a lot of them, but the actions in the whole story could be a Ninja. I am stuck on the moments of time she must return to as well as the interweaving of my world’s version of time travel. That is the beauty: I can define time travel anyway I choose. I just have not identified the critical moments.


Fuel to write: salty, sweet, chocolate and coffee

I spent today practically free writing the story ideas I have so far, some in chronological order. Some are just fun ideas I want to play with. Whatever it was, I wrote with abandon and countless misspellings and grammatical errors, typing as fast as I could. The constant 20-minute Word Wars helped a lot. I won most of them, but I only qualified for one prize. Amazing the inspiration and competition that comes from the possibility of winning a button or a sticker.


The awesome kick-butt word count of Diana H. is stickered at the bottom


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