NaNoWriMo TGIO wrap up…or is it?

“There’s a mystery to writing, and you don’t really know where most of it comes from.”~Neil Diamond, American musician

Today was the NaNoWriMotown’s annual Thank God It’s Over party. It was my first TGIO, and it was inspiring to see almost 30 writers sharing lunch at Woody’s Diner in Royal Oak, MI. Some people from my Tuesday night Westland Write-ins were there, some people I had just read forum emails from and some I totally did not know. It didn’t matter; we were all there for one reason: to celebrate writing more than 50K words last month.


Suddenly the Dinosaur–Detroit NaNo mascot–and some cute chick with him

I brought a piece of mine to read–to have read, actually; we could not read our own work–and I was surprised to hear about half of the stories were about dragons. Including mine, which feels just a bit embarrassing. I mean, couldn’t we come up with different topics? Are we all so desperate to write about nerdy dragons that our creativity is stifled? Or is there some common thread between writers and dragons?

It takes courage to share your work with other writers, to bare your soul and your words out there for ruthless critique and judgment. That’s why I had to bring a chunk to share with the group, and this is part of that, exactly as I typed, grammar and mispellings and all:

She tugged on her fitted waist unused to the tightness and the stuffness of the fabric. Her yellow jumpsuit was more sturdy and yet more flexible. How could she crawl all over the ships and in the engine oparts and all over if the fabric couls not move. Why should an attractive dress fit worse than that?

The people had not disembarked yet so she stared at them from the hallways window floorlength almost so that she could see the ship. It was one if their people’s technological marvels and one of the better ship that they built.

She was so studying the ship that she did not hear Jochim come up behind her and touch grab her shoulders . “Hey” he said.

She jumped and spun in one motion, gasping a deep breath. “Oh, you scared me” she said.

“Sorry Didn’t mean to” he said. “Just figured I would find you here before the evermony.”

“Yes, are you still coming with me so that I can be rescued by my handsoime prince right after the boring speeches?” she asked with a flip of her hand on his collar. His stylish collar because he was dressed in a type of formalwear and it suited him well. Like a crisp white shirt and not quite a backet but something like a tie like a bolo tie and then nice pants fitten with a attractive dark belt. His hear still stood up on end and looked floppy and geled.

“Of course,” he said. “I would not miss seeing you in this gown for anything” he said and he kissed her lightly on the lips.

She blushed as they pulled apart and she smiled. It had been years they were dating was it years? back before Kal had unearthed the Draagons as a species. That had set forth a motion of all its own and that was a wonderful change in direction for her people. That is why she and they needed the additional help from the trainees. They needed to build more space ships so that they could find any Draagons who may have been transported to other plantes. Ever since MotherLode had been unearthed, Keela had felt an unnatural pull to do more.

So…now that NaNoWriMo 2013 is officially, what’s next? Will I let this rot in my computer’s Documents folder like previous NaNo stories, or will I actually do something with it, like completing this first draft and editing it?


Care to share your thoughts?

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