Scrapbookers do it with friends

“The language of friendship is not words but meanings.”~Henry David Thoreau, American poet

Have you found or made the time to connect with friends lately? It takes effort from both of you, or from everyone involved. I’m back from the holidays with new memories–and photos–to scrapbook. What’s better than a weekend crop with friends?


Linda works on her calendar

Linda is keeping up with my Keep Up resolution: she is working on her 2014 calendar, arranging layouts in preparation for the year. Yes, a lot of us scrapbookers dislike her productivity. She makes the rest of us look lazy.

It’s 17 days into the new year, and my resolution is waivery. I am behind in the creation of my husband’s annual calendar. Since this is a carryover from 2013, I don’t consider this a resolution failure because I am here catching up.

I wish I could say that the situation has worked out well as planned, but serendipity makes me excited about the calendar. I now have holiday pictures of my in-laws’ puppy to include on my husband’s calendar. Since he is totally smitten with Lucky, this is a good thing. He can look at him for a whole month before we go home in April to see the family next. That works for me.

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