Pizza and traditions

“Ideas are like pizza dough, meant to be tossed around.”~Anna Quindlen, American writer

So are traditions!

Today my husband and I filed our taxes. Our accountant is near Dearborn, not far from a Detroit tradition: Buddy’s Pizza. We have lunch there after our annual appointment; it’s our tradition ever since we moved to Michigan.


A local chain with numerous statewide and national awards, this shop bakes pizza with the pepperoni under the cheese (prevents burning, traps flavor) and uses a shredded cheese mix that includes Brick Cheese (always near-and-dear to this Pittsburgher’s heart). We do this infrequently, so it makes the journey special. It also makes the onerous task less…taxing.

So many traditions revolve around food. In fact, we have another pizza tradition: Papa Del’s in Champaign, IL. We eat there when we go to Penn State-Illinois football games, and I don’t think I’ve eaten anywhere else. Thick, deep dish, Sicilian pizza that takes 45 minutes to bake, and that’s after you get into the restaurant. Trust me, it’s worth the wait.

Both places are worth a visit if you’re ever in the areas. It might become part of your tradition, too.


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