It’s Groundhog Day: Smile!

“The groundhog is like most other prophets; it delivers its prediction and then disappears.”~Bill Vaughan, American writer

There’s a party goin’ on in Punxsutawney today.

If Phil sees his shadow today, then we will experience six more weeks of winter. It has already been a nasty, nasty winter with record cold temps and snowfalls, so I am waiting to dance in the spring puddles of melted snow.


At 7:24am, sunrise in northwestern Pennsylvania, the forecast is 36-degrees and rain. Rain! That means clouds and no sun and therefore no shadow–despite the artificial sun created by spotlights and camera flashes everywhere–which all means that spring comes earlier. Go Phil!

One of my hometown, childhood weaknesses is Eat’n Park Smiley Cookies. Last week, my husband proved once again that he loves me by ordering a seasonal dozen for me after I commented on their cute smile. The sugar cookies’ icing is chocolate, but just a hint of it, not disturbing the natural vanilla sweetness.


I snuck in and ate one already…okay, more than one…okay, he had one, too…maybe one and a half…but there are still Smiley Cookies to celebrate the occasion, hopefully one involved less snow. Regardless of the prediction, it will be a cheery day here in southeastern Michigan. How can it not be with a smile like that?

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