A look back to the beginning

“Memory… is the diary that we all carry about with us.”~Oscar Wilde, Irish writer

The first Photo365 of the year. It was a month of Family, Friends, Health and Fun.

Family. The end of the holiday visit. Fashionista me in a cool skull scarf from my sister-in-law. Frapps with the ‘rents. My husband and I had so much fun spending a few extra days at home that we’ve planned another visit in April. A shorter one, but still, we’ll see family. And the puppy.

Friends. I connected with friends through Foursquare, scrapbook crops, and a visit to Plymouth’s Ice Festival–which, ironically, has been the only above-freezing days through out the whole month, not good for outdoor ice sculptures.


Reviewing a snowy month

Health. Mentally, I’ve kept myself feeling good with the Diva’s weekly Zentangle Challenges, and with Zentangle in general. Physically, I reached the WiiFit milestone of exercising for 324 individual days, a number significant because it reminds me of the late Joe Paterno’s 324th win, making the Penn State football coach the “winningest coach in major football history.” I was at that game, and what a thrill it was to see the comeback victory, and that because of the tickets from my friend. Things come full circle.

Fun. Electronic distractions, I should say. New versions and high scores in two of my iPhone game apps: Bejeweled Blitz and Cut the Rope 2.

It’s a good start to 2014.


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