A special unspecial birthday

“Everything is awesome; everything is cool when you’re part of a team.”~ theme song, The LEGO Movie

Happy Birthday to my husband.


The Valentine’s gift I wanted!

Being born the day after Valentine’s Day can be rough. One full day of being treated special followed by another full day of being treated special. At least his mom had the sense to wait a full month and a half after the holidays; December babies have it the roughest.

Still, I got more than I’d hoped for on V’Day. Some tea, artsy stuff, hand baked cookies and seeing The LEGO Movie.
So how does a wife top that? Start the day off with birthday coffee cake.


The blue and white candles were intentional

A day all about him. How often do we celebrate others, let alone ourselves? Clover Coffee brew at Starbucks with a game of Yahtzee. He won them both, and, no, I did not “allow” him to win. That was followed by a shopping adventure afterwards. Apple Scrapple bread from Great Harvest, the “scrapple” part meaning a totally different thing in Michigan than in Philly. Used record/CD store in Ann Arbor, Encore Recordings. Used bookstore in Ann Arbor, Dawn Treader Books (Yowza!). We said goodbye to the scrapbook store mega chain Archivers. Birthday prevening meal at California Pizza Kitchen.

Simple can be special. Team us!


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