Awesome Zentangle announcement!

“Teaching might even be the greatest of the arts since the medium is the human mind and spirit.”~John Steinbeck, American writer

Excitement! Can you feel it in the air? The air feels just like more snow? Yeah, well, that bad weather is coming once again to the Midwest, but this is something else, something fun. The snow will have melted by then, so driving there will be no problem whatsoever.

I am once again teaching Zentangle at this year’s Great Lakes MegaMeet scrapbook convention.


I {Heart} Zentangle class project

Despite the closing of mega-chain store Archivers on Saturday, scrapbooking and crafting is alive and thriving here in southeast Michigan. The fact that this year’s convention is the 15th annual says a lot about people and paper.

Zentangle is still somewhat unknown in parts, and as a CZT, I am thrilled to spread the love again. This year is a slight twist to my Basics Class: I’ve devised a project that incorporates scrapbooking products, card making and that what-do-I-do-with-it-after-class? tile in one neat greeting card…complete with an envelope! Many handmade card classes ignore that important aspect of cards–the device to mail it in–but not I. No, every detail has been planned, including the neutral-base tan card, which itself looks stunning when tangled. But that is another class for another time. Registration opens mid-March. Come join the fun!

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