Help me, it’s full….!

“Fill what is empty; empty what’s full; scratch where it itches.”~Alice Longworth, American writer

Once again, my phone’s memory is at capacity. It is time to delete photos and unused apps, mostly photos. It’s hard to let go of the memories: what if I want it again on demand? What if I lose the image file elsewhere? What if I want to share with others?


The puppy is a blur

This shows me that I need to learn control. To be selective. This is hard for a scrapbooker who grew up with a pack-rat mom. I need to let go. I need to choose.

I told my husband that it is time for me to delete some puppy pictures taken at Christmastime. He got a droopy face until I said, “I need the space to take new pictures in April.” He smiled.


Who’s luckier: Lucky or the one hugging Lucky?

My next phone will have more memory. I want more memories like this.


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