In like a Lion…

“Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word….”~Leo Buscaglia, American writer

Another month done, another Photo365. That’s two down for 2014. The dirty snow piles in my neighborhood will not melt for another two months. You can see an example on Day 5. And Day 10.

Somehow, I was able to dig my way out to see a long-lost friend, teach a Zentangle class, make ATCs and discovered a new restaurant. I also went to Starbucks enough to earn free drinks through the Star Dash.


Love was in the air when I was treated to the Valentine’s Day gift I wanted: popcorn and The Lego Movie. Everything was awesome, everything was cool because my husband and I are a team. His birthday was the next day, and it started with my homemade cinnamon coffee cake.

I made use of the time indoors, as well. Made THON Dancer Mail and then watched the live webcast. More WiiFit. More Zentangle. More apps to steal my time away with fun play: this time, the new cartoon-creation Bitstrips and the ongoing Heyku which I am now posting regularly on Instagram. Evil. Delicious evil.

Two months into 2014. Have you created memories? Do you remember them? I do. That’s an element of my New Year’s Resolution: “Look up.” That means studying and noticing the details we might not normally pay attention to. Do you notice architecture on buildings? Have you looked into the eyes of someone you love and really see what color their eyes are? Are you experiencing your life in The Now?

As for the other element of my New Year’s Resolution–“Keep up”–well, that’s another matter.

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