Happy St. Tangles Day to you

“It’s not easy being green.”~Kermit the Frog, TV and movie celebrity

It’s Monday. The snow is melting. There is actually some green grass under all that kicked-up, street-brown snow.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day.


CZT Guys Finse and Snufflet Dance

I think this first snub at that punky Punxy Phil’s ominous forecast makes me cheerful. I wish I’d been less down-dooby-doo-down-down for last week’s Zentangle Challenge. The thought of lines upon lines upon lost lines coincided with a snow spiral, and I was gloomy for no particular reason. I’m clearing photos off my camera (still), and I wish I’d found this one last week. Not only was this Zentangle Challenge #100 completed in the coffeeshop Espresso Royale–the only best part of University of Michigan–but the art is tangled in the journal sent to me from Laura as part of the Blog Friendship Cup. The photo and the memory itself makes me smile and would have put me in a better frame of mind.

I’m not Irish; I’m German descent on both my parents’ sides. I don’t look especially good in the color green, although I can stylishly pull off a fantastic forest-y green at Christmastime. Green bagels look moldy. I know no one, male or female, named Pat. To top off the morning, I don’t like beer except when it’s battered in bread. Hmmm…it’s been awhile since I baked…okay, back to the post, which just demonstrates that I don’t have a reason to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

Until now.


Zentangle: green mania!

The Diva’s Zentangle Challenge #159 celebrates the occasion with a St. Patrick’s Day-inspired Zentangle. I was feelin’ lucky, so I took inspiration from the idea of a four-leaf clover. If you look, you can see it. And if you look, you can’t see it. Love that duality! It’s another excuse to dance with my Derwent Inktense pencils, and I created a wash of just about every green color I had, shading with the dry pencils afterwards.

Mentioning both “coffee” and “clover” above makes me think of the Starbucks reserve blend coffee blends and the Clover brewing process. I didn’t go out for coffee today, but I do hope the baristas did not color it green.

6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. LonettA
    Mar 19, 2014 @ 16:10:35

    Wonderful tile with these lovely colours!


  2. 1 Art Lady Kate Tangles
    Mar 20, 2014 @ 06:58:45

    Love the greens you used with this, and the choice of tangles. Beautiful work!


  3. Annemarie
    Mar 20, 2014 @ 17:18:45

    Very beautiful, the green is linking to spring!


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