April showers bring poetic flowers

Personality is everything in art and poetry.”~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, German poet

Welcome to National Poetry Month.

I have dabbled in poetry, and I consider myself a poet. I write stories, I create Zentangle and other art, and I can write poetry.


Therefore, I am an writer, artist and poet. Pretty cool resumè, if I do say so myself. And I just did. Well, I typed it, but I digress….

Poetry is fun, but it intimidates me. Often those I consider “true” poets string together deep and intense emotions into long and winding, sometimes confusing, paragraphs. I don’t get it, and just like any story or art, I want to get it, or at least something meaningful or fun from it.

There are a number of sites that would provide me daily practice outlets, especially this month. April is like NaNoWriMo for poets. The poetry I like is whimsical, carefree and short. My favorite: haiku.


My love of haiku solidified years ago when I traveled with my friend to a book expo in New York City. One book featured a sampling of haikus written on postcards that were mailed among a group of friends. Snippets of Life and funstuff in mailboxes; we took to the joy of this immediately. With daily postage being cost-prohibitive to us, we emailed a haiku to each other everyday. We did send postcards on weekends.

She and I continue this, but with sporadic regularity these days. I unearthed a pile of old postcards from a vintage store for just $5/bag sale. I snatched every single one of them, and I do my best to mail one each day, postage costs be darned. Sometimes postcards are from a travel location I’m currently at, but most often they are random delights of weirdness.


Our poetry tends to be more relaxed, more senryu than haiku, although we do keep the 5-7-5 form.

I have discovered an iPhone app, Heyku, that allows anyone to post haiku-esque poetry, adding photos, drawings or sound to each poem. I have no idea how large the community is, but my poetry has been well-received. If you’re on the site, you will find me at d.w.Hirsch writing in the haiku format regardless the subject of my poem. I post a lot of those on Instagram, adding special filters to make my haiku just a bit more hip and trendy. Seriously, I am proud of my work, no matter how whimsical and casual it is.

I’m having fun with
poetry, words. All the same
yet subtle difference.


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