Green grass, family and four-legged licks

“Just play, have fun, enjoy the game.”~Michael Jordan, American athlete

Those are good words for both sports and for life.


The Blue-White crowd was allowed on the football field after the game. It was a sunny 72-degree day, perfect for photos. The field is made of natural grass, a sturdy yet strong cover. I could nap there. Of course, I can nap anywhere. And it makes one cool picture.

After the game, we made our traditional heading-out-of-town stop at The Creamery. The Cookies-n-Cream flavor was “hard,” and my server had to scoop and scoop to get any out of the tub. The result? My awesome, softball-size cone, wobbling as I took this picture. Weight Watchers; what’s that? It’s worth the Points because the ice cream comes from the milk that comes from the cows that are cared for on the farm located on edge of campus. Penn State started off as an agricultural school, after all. We piled a dozen yogurts into a cooler and then drove to Philly. We’re less than four hours away from my in-laws at this point, so how could we pass up a quick visit with my in-laws. And the puppy.


Let’s face it: for my husband, it was all about the puppy.

A delight-full surprise, too. Family.
Ever since we planned this trip, we’ve been talking to my husband’s brother and sister-in-law about them visiting.  Since we’ve been on the road for days, we asked if they would be able to drive down from New Jersey for a visit. They came, along with a surprise guest of our aunt, his mom’s sister. My husband and I haven’t seen her in years, so it was fabulous to visit and chat. A casual day, with mom cooking her famous pot roast and baking my new-favorite banana nut bread.
Catching up on family news. My sister-in-law’s cats are doing mostly well. My husband’s brother is attacking work challenges head on. My father-in-law just got a new smartphone, literally yesterday. Mom and her sister are both busy with home stuff and family. The puppy, Lucky, now a year old, is still even-tempered and–as my husband is fond of saying–funny. .


Sister-in-law selfie

Tomorrow is the long drive back. For today, we’re enjoying the good weather and good times.

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