Poetic Vines

To wrap-up National Poetry Month, I’m sharing a few more Found Poetry cards. With a deck of 52+ it’s hard to showcase them all unless they are in a video. Hey, guess what I did before sending them off…?!?

Vine was one of the free weekly apps available from Starbucks, I think. I can’t imagine how else I would have stumbled on it. You transform yourself into a 6-second filmmaker. It’s Twitter for video.

I was inspired my Mignon Fogarty’s video of the Seattle airport from August 2013, a hodge podge of snip shots showcasing the highlights in the terminal. I loved the story told in a 6 second loop. I wanted to do one. Just. like. that.

I did. My first one was a Starbucks video. I moved on from there.

Here’s my complete collection of Found Poetry ATCs. Click on the video once or twice if it doesn’t play automatically. First, the horizontal ones:

Now all the vertical ones:

And finally…my delight…the fluorescent glow-in-the-dark ATCs. I wish I had made more. Oooh…I sense an art journal project brewing….

As for my poetry, check out my haikus on Heyku or my Instagram. Follow my journeys and be inspired.


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