It’s Raining neon Zentangles

“What art offers is space – a certain breathing room for the spirit.”~John Updike, American writer

I have finally set up a series of Zentangle classes at my local Hobby Lobby craft store. It’s similar to my previous class series, but I hope to attract a new audience here. Check out the class schedule here. Class specifics are on this site under the “Classes” tab above. Come out to Canton and have some tangling fun!

When I was there finalizing details, I bought a set of neon Sharpies. I was disappointed they did not write on black paper–which was the reason I bought them–so I pulled out an art journal and played with them on white paper.


Wow! These colors electrocuted my eyes more than I had imagined! I am lovin’ the look of them. I own a blacklight for just this Zentangle reason; years ago, I discovered Irojiten colored pencils. Some colors are fluorescent. I was hooked.

I wanted to have fun with this week’s challenge which is using one of my favorite tangles, Rain, so here’s what I did for this week’s Diva Zentangle Challenge #168.
It is a nice contribution, but then I wanted something more traditional, so I went with bold white-silver-gold on a black tile.


It didn’t pop the way I’d hoped for. Maybe I had preconceptions based on the neon one. Maybe because I wanted to use Rain as a string. When I fall back on an old standard and don’t play with new or less-used tangles, I feel as if I’m not exploring my potential. But part of Zentangle is having fun, and Rain is fun for me.

What I do like about all this is the reminder that you can take a favorite tangle (or friend/spouse) and explore all it (he/she) has to offer. There’s nothing wrong with play.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. heatherdpear
    May 26, 2014 @ 13:23:15

    Wow, love those neon colours. Must get myself some of those pens. Very nice interpretation of Rain.


    • dwhirsch
      Jun 05, 2014 @ 13:58:32

      Rain is one of my fave tangles, so it was fun to play with. The neon/fluorescent pens are so incredibly psychedelic and yet challenging to use…gosh, how can you NOT have fun with them!?!


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