Another one bites the dust

“Work hard, be kind, and amazing things will happen.”~Conan O’Brien, American entertainer

Local scrapbook store Sticker Store and More is closing at the end of June.  It came as a shock, and I am sad. Why does this bother me, you ask? Well, I’m glad you asked.

Q: Why does the closing of Sticker Store and More make you sad?

DWH: I have made friends there, just as I did at my previous favorite scrapbook store, Scrapbook Zone. *distant gaze, sighs heavily* I remember my first time here, a store my husband actually saw first. I was looking for a diamond-shape punch, and Big Box stores didn’t have any. The owner, Rick, walked me to the punch wall and didn’t see anything. We went back to the counter and he checked two catalogs and found it. He special-ordered it for me, and in less than two weeks, he called to say it arrived. I’ve been going there ever since.

Q: Are economics a financial concern for stores like this?

DWH: Money is always an issue for small businesses. In this case, the owners are moving, which makes me and my friends very happy and relieved. They are moving closer to family, and while we will miss them, that’s a good thing.


Karen and Rick are moving to Kentucky

I shop small businesses where I can: bakeries, tea houses, bookstores, coffee shops, music stores. Sometimes Big Box stores are the only option. I do shop at the chain arts and craft stores, but lately its been for art supplies and mixed media, stuff that a scrapbook store won’t have. I do buy my expendables there, like adhesive, but as for paper and other essential supplies, the local stores have unique selection. And unless you’re starting out as a new scrapbooker, you already have more paper and embellishments than you’ll ever use. At least I do. *smiles*

I do there think that there is a mass equilibrium that every area can support a particular local store category. Since moving to Michigan eight years ago, I’ve seen four record stores close, one bookstore, three coffee shops, and Sticker Store makes six scrapbook stores. There is only so much need, demand, interest to physically shop in a store. It’s sad to see another good place close and displace loyal customers.

Q: What will you do now?

DWH: There are going to be a lot more crops at Casa de la Hirsch. At least, that’s what my friends tell me. *smiles* Seriously, we have discussed options, and we will be cropping at each others houses more. Two of us have decent-size space for a comfy four or a tight six people. There are other area scrapbook stores that are acceptable but the staff has never made us, or others, feel welcome. There are other stores farther away, but they are new. It’s going to be experimenting with new places, but we’ll do it as a group. Of course, suddenly the option of a weekend crop at a bed & breakfast is a lot more appealing.

Yeah, I could be pampered for three days. Oh, yeah. Definitely.


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