Is your life passing you by? Mine isn’t, and here’s why

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much more.”~Helen Keller, American writer

Another month has passed by, and I have another super-cool reminder of what my life has been about. In no particular order, here are 7 Great Things that happened in my May 2014:

1–The weather warmed up and it actually felt like spring. My father-in-law played with hus new smartphone and emailed a photo of my husband’s mom gardening in her yard in Philly. The trees in our yard shed fluffy white petals, creating a sweet-smelling carpet to our front door. One petal even dashed inside the garage and planted itself on the roof of our car. The petal said hi.

2–Coffee shop visits. Lots of them. Writing at Espresso Royale in Ann Arbor while my car was in for repairs. Sharing pastries with my husband on a Saturday morning at Espresso Elevado in Plymouth. Playing Yahtzee with him while sipping Clover-brewed Starbucks Brazil blend in Northville. Watching my husband explain chemistry to me with a diagram on a Starbucks napkin. Where was he when I needed help in my 11th grade chem class?


3–Zentangle! Teaching classes at Mega Meet, all while meeting new people, artists, and making new friends. My first Tuesday Tangled Lunch at Hobby Lobby in Canton, establishing more of a friendship with one of my students.

4–Our annual trip into Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Lunch at Bubi’s Awesome Eats. Coffee at Starbucks. Shopping at local CD and book stores. We even saw a fuss outside one of the casinos, with three people in handcuffs!

5–Friends. Earning my last Foursquare Mayorship taking one to use an ATM at 7-11. Taking a new friend to buy his new car. My Writers Group. We meet every first and third Wednesday of the month at Barnes & Noble in Livonia. Come join us; we don’t bite! Unless its one of the pastries we get at the café.

6–I finally achieved perfect balance on WiiFit. I also achieved my highest step count to date: 3901. That was reached by watching NCIS: Los Angeles On Demand. Next goal: 4000 steps/30 minutes

7–Writing, both in coffee shops and online through the poetry app, Ku (formerly known as Heyku).

SPOILER ALERT! This first day of June has already started off with coffee and games and poetry, oh my. What’s next? Come back in 30 days to find out.


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