You can be amazing–try this!

“In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.”~Coco Chanel, French designer.

Another month has passed us by. What did you do?  With a bit of focus, you can recall your awesome moments, moments like these….

My highest WiiFit steps, artist trading cards
Sketchbook Project Xs: finding wasn’t hard.

My Father’s Day eBook published just in time.
Coffeehouses, sub shops and new Major Crimes.


Writers Group and Foursquare, poetry abound.
Our scrapbook store closes, with sadness all ’round.

Zentangle challenge and Hobby Lobby lunch.
100 blog follows, thank you very much!

A month filled with puppy, co-writers and Guys.
My husband and my friends, I feel so alive!


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