Craft shows and Zentangle: are they worth it?

“A loving heart is the truest wisdom.”~Charles Dickens, English writer

Craft shows are tricky little things. Who shows up? What are they looking for? Did I bring enough stuff? Did I just waste my time?

I like to venture out and explore area shows. It’s a great way to meet other artists and crafters, as well as make connections. As long as you feel the table rental cost is worth it, then the time spent is not wasted.


Display table with some of the CZT6 Guys

This little craft show popped up in Northville, MI. The town itself is a cute, artsy place with boutique shops, an art house and an outdoor cement patio where bands perform. My husband likes to buy bread from the local bread place. I don’t like their breads, but I adore the samples of the sweet and rockin’ cinnamon swirl bread. The Starbucks is the only Clover Reserve coffeehouse in the area. The small bookstore has an eclectic mix of new and local author books, and their café makes a mean cup of tea. There are some really tasty breakfast spots along main street, and one of the few remaining area scrapbook stores which offers an array of mixed media classes.

The show was held at a church outside the town square during a Shop Local weekend fair. Too much activity going on to attract a large attendance of browsers. Sales were abysmal.

That said, I made some contacts and introduced Zentangle to a lot of people who had never heard of the artform before. The really cool part: I gained my first commissioned Zentangle art, a wedding present with the bride and groom names hidden among the tangles. What fun!

Worth it? Oh, yeah.


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