Indie Authors: Using 99 Designs to Crowdsource a Cover

What an amazing post about finding book cover designers. “Transparent” is an overused word, but fits here: honest assessment of costs and time.

Musings and Marvels

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Last year, I published the first book in my series for beginners on how to make ebooks (currently working on the second, which will focus on fixed format, or children’s books). It was my second book, and I had learned a few lessons from when I published my first book.

This time around, I did everything right. Or so I thought. I had beta readers, a strong book description, a pretty credible author bio, at least some semblance of a marketing plan (I’m still learning), and I even ended up creating a companion online course that I could use for cross promotion. As an ebook developer and blogger, I even had the occasional person emailing me asking questions about ebooks. I was set.

Until one reviewer asked, why is the cover so perfunctory?

I admit, it caught me off guard. I had spent a decent chunk of time designing the…

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