Unique elements on artist trading cards

Keeping busy and making optimism a way of life can restore faith in yourself.”~Lucille Ball, American comedian

Washi tape. It’s a relatively newer element to scrapbooking. It’s a thin paper tape that instantly creates a border for photos. It’s also used in a number of projects, everything from wrapping a pencil to making flowers to creating jewelry. That was the theme of this month’s All Things Creative artist trading card swap: color using washi tape.

I own about 10 rolls; really, like I need another supply obsession.  Some are from Tim Holtz collection years ago which I absolutely adore (both the paper tape and Tim). Most I bought to use in a Michigan Scrapbooker Magazine article for making a one-sheet mini album. (Page 13)  There is another article in that issue on ways to use Washi tape.

This is the Vine video of my 10 cards for trading. Enjoy!

Our 22-Minute Challenge didn’t involve Washi tape, just the pile of papers and ephemera in our group’s art kit. Amazing collages made from bits and scraps.


ATCs made during the 22-Minute Challenge



Two of my favorite ATCs I made for this swap: Mirrored Image



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