Lessons of a sumo wrestler

“I learned the value of hard work by working hard,”~Margaret Mead, American scientist

Back in 1998, I visited my friend, Deb, in Tokyo when she and her family lived in Japan for a few years. I climbed Mt. Fuji. I got lost in Akihabara (“Electric Town”). I saw more than my share of temples and shrines. I bought a kimono.


Intense sumo concentration dressed in gold polka dots

When she came back to the states, she brought me a gift: a sumo wrester statuette. He is adorable. The stone he is made from a rough texture but not scratchy. He is pudgy and strong. He is bold despite–or because of–his red polka dot attire.

So many good memories swirl around. He is more than just a statue I hold in my hand.


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