Autumn is the best season because…

“Today you are you, truer than true. There is no one alive that is you-er than you.”~Dr. Seuss, American writer

I don’t understand beach people or winter people when fall is the best time of the year.

Summer people vacation at the beach, ocean or lakeside. They sit in the sun and soak up the warmth, or develop skin cancer depending on your POV. They stroll along boardwalks and sit on lawns. They ride bikes on trails, or annoyingly along pedestrian sidewalks. They swim in outdoor pools and wander through bug-stinging forests. They get tan lines and wear sunglasses. They have ant-friendly picnics. They relax in a world of nothing to do. They’re sticky with sweat. span>

These are the first people to say “It’s hot outside” before dashing into air conditioned stores or shopping malls.

Winter people like to ski, sled or snowboard down hills and mountains. They get red noses and wear sunglasses. It’s an active season, but I don’t know what else winter people do.

These are the first people to say “It’s cold outside” before dashing into a fireplace-filled lodge for hot cocoa or booking a flight for a warm destination (see above).

There can be no complaints about fall. Leaves change color, so the world does not look lonely winter-dead. Plants don’t wilt from a lack of summer rain. There’s no need to complain about too hot or too cold; the weather is perfect for a light jacket, sweatshirt or even shorts depending on your body’s temperature preference. You won’t sweat and pass out from heat exhaustion. You won’t lose limbs or fingers from below-freezing temps. Your car does not overheat in the humidity, nor does it slide into trees on ice-covered roads. In fact, there’s less chance of deep flooding like you would experience with the spring rainstorms.

This is my favorite season to vacation for all those reasons and more. Football season starts, and while I am no fanatic, I enjoy seeing games in person for the atmosphere rather than watch on ho-hum TV. Apples and cider and hayrides are in full swing. Who doesn’t love Halloween? I mean, you either dress up for an excuse to throw a party or get bags of free candy. Really, how is either event bad? You can escape any rainstorm by watching Rocky Horror Picture Show inside a dry and vibrant theater with a zippy crowd.

School starts, and don’t tell me parents are not happy for that. College kids are back with friends, band activities and fraternity parties. Celebrating families at Thanksgiving is vital to the soul. You cannot deny that you fall is an awesome time of year.

My birthday is in September. My husband and I married in October. There’s no conflict finding vacation days. Hotel prices and airplane flights are cheaper, location-dependent, of course. There’s always a few days of that delightful “Indian summer” weather, just warm enough to remind us that there is sun in the world before the earth in cloaked in a white shroud. Our wedding day occurred on an Indian summer weekend, a Saturday that was also a Penn State football by-week. Perfection!

Fashion is perfect for any body type. There’s no self-conscious judging in a too-tight bikini or Speedo, and you can display or hide your figure in a bulky sweater or smooth-fitting long-sleeve shirt. It’s bright enough during the day but not blinding, and it’s dark enough at night to be romantic. No matter the season, you should always wear sunglasses.

Welcome Autumn!


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