Sweven at Eleven

I just could not–would not–fall victim to the cliche title “Eleven is Heaven.” Sweven works well; go look up the definition.

It’s my annual Happy Anniversary to Us post. This time…well, you can guess the number of years we’re celebrating from the title. This delight-full day began with breakfast brought in while I slept. When I shuffled downstairs, my husband asks, “Do you want to watch something on TV?”

“Sure,” I say. He motions toward the TV.

I look and see the Major Crimes second season DVD set. Yes! But I’m gonna play it cool and pretend I don’t see it. The DVD set is sitting next to the movie I watched last night, Hunger Games. The movie is out because I hosted my annual Halloween Crop at Casa de la Hirsch, and one friends came dressed as a woman from the Capitol. The crop ended late, so I hadn’t put the movie away yet.

I walk over and reach for the movie. “Oh, this? But we just watched Catching Fire last ni–“. The title did not sound right coming out of my mouth, and it took my brain two seconds to catch up.

That man had gone out this morning before breakfast to buy me that movie. I usually don’t fall for tricks like that, but he got me. Slick.


After two episodes of Major Crimes, we went out to see the movie I wanted to see today: The Book of Life. The idea of Day of the Dead combined with marriage and anniversary appealed to my quirky side.

it’s an excellent movie. Unexpectedly appropriate for today. Go see it. You’ll understand.

One Frappuccino and two games of Yahtzee later, we walk through Plymouth before taking-out Compari’s pizza.

So here I am, feeling nibbly after dinner, and I grab a fortune cookie leftover from last night’s crop dinner. The first fortune is perfect! It is so us, so him. I show it to my husband, and he flashes that private-joke smile at me. Not expecting anything better than that, I grab a second cookie.


Yes, that is my fortune. It is not invisible ink.

Our promise to each other lives on in that scrap of paper.

That second fortune reminds us to write our own story.


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