Why is it always cold and rainy on Halloween?

“Life is one big road with lots of signs.”~Bob Marley, Jamaican musician

I’m in Michigan and it’s the end of October. It’s no surprise that the weather is cold and rainy this time of year, but it’s Halloween and the temps are extra-cold and extra-drippy. What’s the point of having an awesome costume when it’s just going to be hidden under a winter coat? Will we have enough trick-or-treaters to even go through one giant bag of candy? We have two.


It may be cold outside, but it’s snuggly-er in Starbucks as we finalize my Indiegogo campaign

I grew up in Pittsburgh, so I’m no stranger to cold and blustery Octobers. I don’t recall it ever being this consistently cold or nasty-wet outside as a kid. I walked around in whatever costume I made and got candy. Period. Maybe I just grew older–not grew up; that’s no fun–and became more sensitive to the weather and chilly toes? Maybe my hometown was just far enough south from Michigan that temperatures were mild enough so that costumes did not need to be covered up?

Anyone who talks about “global warming” has not lived in Michigan in the fall. Don’t get me started on the winters here.


Is Catnap thoughtful or sad…?

Do you know what the ideal Halloween costume is? It is some sort of school mascot or movie monster, some character where you get to be inside a large, fuzzy outfit. That way you’re warm enough to not need a coat, and your costume is not covered up by a coat. Perfect!

We may not have Trick-or-Treaters, but the Halloween Blog Party is still goin’ strong. My Guys know how to party. Stop by to party along with everyone.


It’s festive inside our house


Memories from last year: back when Foursquare was fun


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