A bittersweet #tbt

The app I downloaded, Timehop, continues to amaze me with glimpses into my past.

I’m a scrapbooker, so I know a little about saving memories. But to see the immediacy, from a stranger, well, the sight is jarring.


The Happy Couple at the Paterno Statue

Four years ago, my husband and I were in State College to watch history, again. We were in attendance for Joe Paterno’s 324th win, making him the winningest coach in college football history, surpassing Bear Bryant. On this day, the Penn State Nittany Lions celebrated their 400th win under the coaching skills of JoePa. That made him the first major college coach to achieve 400 wins in one college program.

Back then, the Paterno Statue lived outside Beaver Stadium, a photographic landmark for alumni, sports fans and historians. Sculpted in 2001, the statue was huddled between stone walls on which plaques listed the games Paterno coached at Penn State from 1966 to 2011.

It’s rumored that JoePa himself did not like the statue, but Penn Staters certainly did. And, yes, almost everyone did the Number One Pose.

The statue was removed from the site in the spring of 2012. Those of us who have photos of the statue treasure them, not just for the statue image itself but for the nostalgia and true memories the pictures bring.

We’re waiting for its return. Until then, the pictures remind us…of everything.

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