I published my third book!

“Work hard for what you want because it won’t come to you without a fight.”~Leah LaBelle, Canadian musician

Ninjas, puppies, budding romance, trashy sitcoms and family values. Just in time for the holidays: my first fiction book!


This is a big deal in many ways, but first the “fiction” part. When is that last time I spun a web of imagination? Other than last year’s NaNoWriMo–which is a bit of cheating because I’ve had that story written in my head since I was a teenager–I can’t recall. that’s sad. I haven’t played with words in months or years, then where’s the fun of writing?

I don’t discount my nonfiction work one letter, but those stories have already been told. It’s my job to make them entertaining to people outside my circle of friends and family. Trust me, that is plenty challenging.

This is my third book. Third! I created this. I will never get tired of that heady, punch-drunk happiness of seeing my name in print. It’s an ego thing, and all writers have that. Deal with it.

This was a challenge I posted on the Deadwood Writers Voices blog: write and publish a book in 10 hours. Yes, much akin to JA Konrath’s 8-hour eBook challenge, but I factored in formatting time.

The point of this challenge is to set a deadline, meet that deadline and then release it into the world to say, “I did this!” Now that it’s out there, would I change anything? You bet! I’d add in this little tale I forgot, or I’d enhance this sentence with three more descriptive words, or if move those two paragraphs around, or I’d add one more line of conversation…. But like a school final exam, when the bell rings, you hand in your assignment and that’s it.

Rather than stress, however, there’s also the aspect of writing for fun, like most authors, I’d presume, did as kids. I know I could fill a spiral-bound notebook with stories about dragons and unicorns and horses and sword-wielding princesses on a rainy afternoon. I wrote for nobody. I wrote because I had to. I wrote because that’s what I did.

I found that fun again with Jimmy the Burglar. He’s smart and skilled, but he’s bumbling and clumsy. Jimmy is honest, yet he steals things. His parents and older brother have set the bar so high that Jimmy could walk under it standing straight and wearing a top hat. From the rough draft to my finished 5300 words, I cut and condensed so much cool stuff that I have a whole series to explore. I’m looking forward to writing again.

That’s how it should be. I succeeded with all aspects of this challenge.


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