Random Fridays are the best fridays

“Rough diamonds may sometimes be mistaken for worthless pebbles.”~Thomas Browne, British scientist

Today has been a delightful cacophony of events.

I started the day off writing in my local Starbucks. I began composing this post there with the help of my Office Guys.


Snufflet and Finse help with the writing


I attended a mandatory training session for my job.


I posted some haiku poetry on Instagram.
For more fun stuff by me, check out my Instagram feed.


I met my friend for a crop at the newest and coolest scrapbook store to hit southeastern Michigan, Baker’s Studio. It’s in the heart of downtown Farmington.  What a fantabulous location: down the street from a Starbucks, next door to a used bookstore and above a burger joint.


Scrapbooking an overdue calendar gift with some crop Guys


Dinner from said restaurant, the original Basement Burger Bar. The restaurant delivers to us upstairs.  We hear the jumpin’ Friday night live music sessions upstairs in the store. Some bands are delightful…some are…well….


Turkey burger, funky toppings and sweet potato fries. Feeling hungry?


There was a surprise activity tonight: a free makeup and photo session at Mike Greer Photography, a business located above the scrapbook store.


Before-Diva pea




After-Diva pea


And some of the finest screw-top wine I’ve had in a long time.


Finally home. Working out on the WiiFit tonight? H-E-Double-hockey-sticks no! Home to hug my husband. I hope you had a fun, filled day. Good night!


It’s a sad, lonely night for my WiiFit board


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