Thursday THON #tbt

“Let my soul smile through my heart and my heart smile through my eyes, that I may scatter rich smiles in sad hearts.”~Paramahansa Yogananda, Indian leader

This was almost the ideal Throwback Thursday. Five years ago, on a Thursday as well, I was in State College getting ready to dance in THON. I met my personal Moraler, Kristen, that (this) night. She would be there for me throughout THON 46-hour-awake-and-no-sitting marathon.

I hoped to dance this year. Breaks my heart that I’m not.

I danced back in 2010 as an Alumni Dancer. It was the first time on a THON floor since my college junior/senior year. I was older as an alum, certainly the oldest of all four Alumni Dancers….and I was proud of it. Just like people stare at a 73-year-old Boston Marathon runner, students could stare at me all they wanted.


Spoiler alert: I made it! My dance partner, Candace, made it. My husband made it, with a special all-access pass for those final two hours. My Moraler, and Candace’s Moraler, made it, sitting in the stands with “We {heart} Alumni” signs.


My dance partner, Candace, agreed to dance every ten years. I’m holding her to that! But I had so much fun that I planned to dance every five years. Finding a partner and fundraising didn’t work out this year.

“There’s a reason things happen” is a common saying. I guess there’s a reason for this, too. Maybe it’s just for me to reflect on.


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