Dream of an A to Z Challenge

Welcome to Day D of the A to Z Challenge. What you will learn this month is: 26 Ways to Procrastinate a Writer
4. The fourth way to procrastinate a writer is to focus on the DREAMS they have.

Every writer daydreams about the successful future they will have. There will be book signings that writers have to turn down because their schedule is already filled with commitments of other book signings and talks. They will be invited for interviews on television shows. Social media will explode with praise of their current book and recommendations from national, reputable book clubs. There will not be enough space on the writer’s walls in their house to hang all their book awards. The author’s Superfans will clamor for the writer’s next book series and demand to know its release date. Bestseller lists. Guest blog requests. Publishers pounding on the door.

Some writers have simple dreams. Writers want to be justified in calling themselves “an author,” and such validation requires a book or three. Writers dream of paying the monthly bills with their income, with enough money leftover to buy a new car and take a vacation. Vacations, however, present a difficulty for the successful writer because they are instantly recognized and will be swarmed for autographs.

The more that a writer spends time dreaming and thinking abut the future-to-be, the more motivated they will be to complete their works of writing art. However, writers must first find inspiration in those dreams, especially when their muse has left them coughing in the dust of writers block. Dream big. Dream often. Take breaks to dream. How else will a writer finish that novel?

Jayne the Dreamwriter

There was a scream. Dark. Hands. Spinning. Cold feet.

Jayne woke up, shivering. She was in bed and her feet had slipped out of the covers. No, Tom had just rolled over and swarmed the covers. No sense in trying to steal the covers back; Tom had a master grip on them, always did.

She slid into her slippers and shuffled out to the living room. 5:23 am. Light was barely peeking over the hills. Still chilled, she brewed a cup of tea and sat on the couch.

Green tea usually calmed her, but at this moment, it did not. Jayne dreamt her character came to life, threatened her to write his story in a different direction than she had already typed, and then he pitched her off the cliff to crash into her laptop.

That, and he stole her shoes so she couldn’t run away.

She looked over at her laptop, yawning open. She should go over there and write, just write, chase her evil demon of a character back into his dwelling. Cupping her hands around the teacup, she wandered over, guided by the nightlight of the screen.

Why should I bother? she thought. My character is right; I can’t write a good story. Of course the story should go in that direction–hey, I better get these ideas down.

Jayne opened a notepad and typed, listening to the dream remnants of her character sitting on her shoulder. Walk this direction. Perform that action. Say these words. Her hands typed with a purpose, her eyes focused on the keys. Keys! Yes, the character needs to open a door. And behind that door is–

Jayne woke up. She knew it was real this time; her feet were still snuggled under the covers. She couldn’t remember a thing about her dream, but a grunt next to her made her think–and hope, and believe, for just a moment–that her character was beside her, ready to whisper his tale in her ears. It was just Tom shifting in bed beside her. Jayne looked at her bedside clock. The time just blinked over: 5:24 am.

It’s hopeless, she thought. Her character was right. Better to go back to sleep and dream of the success she would never have. She was never going to write her story.

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  1. Arlee Bird
    May 20, 2015 @ 23:10:09

    I am definitely a dreamer. I even post about my dreaming on my blogs.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Road trippin’ with A to Z
    Tossing It Out


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