Be awesome, be the cupcake

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow; learn as if you were to live forever.”~Mahatma Gandhi, Indian leader

“Cute” was the theme of this past month. Cute as a cupcake. Just there were no cupcakes.

But there were Marshmallow Peeps. Those used to be a seasonal item, a once-a-year treat that filled every Easter basket. We ate it all, including the Easter grass stuck to the sides of each chick. Did you bike the head off first or the tail? Did you get a yellow chick or did a pink one sneak in? Once the season was over, they were gone, a kid’s idea of looking forward to next Easter. Now the Peeps brand is year round in a vast array of shapes and flavors. I have a special relationship with Peeps: I wrote an article on them that you can read here. My friends and family know that, and I am gifted with Peeps coloring books, T-shirts, stickers and, of course, candy. My husband went all out this year: Orange Crème and Sour Watermelon chicks; stuffed chicks in a box of Peeps; a lollipop of sorts of Chicks on a Stick; bubble wands; milk and dark chocolate-covered chicks; stuffed bunnies; chocolate and vanilla mini chicks; a teddy bear in a Peeps costume; a hollow milk chocolate chick; and more items sure to come. Easter isn’t until April 5th and the Peeps barrage on Day 13 was still 23 days before the holiday.


Peeps are cute.

I am cute. I’ve been exercising on my WiiFit this winter, and my effort shows. I’m not vain, but between a bubblegum pink winter furry coat and “skinny” jeans, I feel cupcake cute.

That’s a good way to end. Here’s hoping you feel cute or dashing or whatever awesome you choose to be.


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