Everything distracts a writer

Welcome to Day “E” of the A to Z Challenge. What you will learn this month is: 26 Ways to Procrastinate a Writer
5. The fifth way to procrastinate a writer is to EMOTE.

Some writers find inspiration in silence, while others need background noise to focus. Whatever personality your writer is, a regular thematic beat is enough to seep into the writer’s brain and kick their muse out the window. Tap a pencil, click your chair can be thought of as a nervous tic and therefore ignored. A vocal beat, however, is deliberate act, annoying to writers as much as hypnotic and compelling. Hum the same three beats of a song and they will hum back, now with the song stuck in their head. Whistle. Call to them in that familiar attention-grabbing grunt, and the writer will turn their attention to you, wondering what you want. Sing a doo-wop-diddly-doo, and your writer will howl a wa-ba-zoo back at you. A writer craves a connection, so they will participate, their mind now focused on matching the verbal outburst and not on their character’s motivations. Before anyone realizes it, an hour has passed and it’s time to eat or run errands.

Jayne Emotes Her Writerself

Across the room, Tom said, “How’s it going?”

Jayne leaned closer her laptop and kept typing. “Mmmmph,” she replied.

“What’s that mean?” Tom asked.

Jayne concentrated on the words that were slipping away because of Tom’s voice. She typed faster. “Umph.”

“Okay, humph back at’cha,” Tom said. He looked down, pressed his smartphone’s screen with deliberate taps. He paused, looked over ay Jayne and grunted.

At his third grunt, Jayne stopped typing, her fingers hovering above the keyboard. “Well, humph-humph,” she said.

“Humph-humph-humph,” Tom replied.

“What is it?” Jayne asked. “I’m busy.”

“I wanted to know how it’s going,” Tom said.

“It’ll go better without you distracting me,” she said.

“You want distracting? How about this?” Tom broke out into the theme song from Together Buddies: “Along the road, take off your load…”

He knows I like that TV show, Jayne thought, smirking. She looked over at him with a half-smile and sang back, “You’re not alone when you’re at home….” She paused at the break and snapped back from her memory. “So there. La-dee-doo,” and she turned back to her laptop.

“Doo-wop-a diddy-doo, doo-wop-a-doo,” Tom sang.

“You love me, and I love you,” Jayne sang back, smiling at the computer screen.

“You and me forever….”

“…and ever and ever….”

Tom stood up and walked over to Jayne with his hand extended. He stood above her, his voice deep as he broke out in a different, softer song. “Come dance with me, babe, you know you wanna.”

“It’s all that I ask for, all I want now.” Jayne stood up and took his hand. They swayed in the living room, and Jayne gave a heavy sigh.

“Everything’s all right now, I have all that I want now,” Jayne whispered, and they shuffled away from the table.


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  1. Arlee Bird
    Jun 07, 2015 @ 11:25:20

    Not sure if I’ve tried this one but it might be worth a shot.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Wrote By Rote


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