Simple addictions: fun or scary?

“Waste no more time arguing what a good man should be: Be one.”~Marcus Aurelius, Roman soldier

What do you have a mild addiction to?

I’m reminded of Sheldon’s mom from the TV show The Big Bang Theory when I think that. According to Sheldon, his mother has “a mild Dr. Pepper addiction.” I smile when I think of that. I understand that. Not only do I like Dr. Pepper–the diet version–but it’s the simple things that define us.

I have a mild addiction to the phone app Swarm-formerly-known as-Foursquare. My Foursquare friends and my husband would argue that I have a more-than-mild addiction to the geotag game similar to the Facebook “where are you” status post feature. Swarm is a stand-alone app where you manually checkin to a place and let your Swarm-once-Foursquare friends where you are and an optional snippet of what you’re doing. This information goes no further than the app, unless you choose to share it on Facebook or Twitter. You earn badges by checking into certain categories of places, like coffee shops, wine bars and gyms–and you can earn Mayorships by checking into a place more than anyone else.

I fought the transformation when Foursquare split into two apps. But I was lonely. Without seeing where my friends were, I felt disconnected from the outside world and all the cool things people were doing. Weird, right? I gave up, gave in, and today I am so glad I did.

Swarm offers an in-app history of all the places you’ve checked into. It’s cool to see how often you’ve checked into, say, a hotel or restaurant, and the last time you were there. My car died in a shopping center parking lot, and everyone I spoke to told me it was the transmission. I remember going to a shop a year or so ago with my husband’s car. I had great customer service and wanted to return, but where? What was the name of that place? I didn’t remember. My husband didn’t remember. Swarm-Foursquare remembered. I saw my checkin from November 2013. I called the shop, took my car in, and today my baby is fixed with only an axel replacement. *Whew*

I have a mild addiction to the TV show Major Crimes. This show is a spin-off from TNT’s original drama The Closer. My husband said I liked that show because of the strong and obnoxious main female character. True; it was a rare show that featured a strong female in charge; in this case, in charge of a department of elite male detectives. I liked the crime drama, too. I recently discovered that The Closer was the first original programming created on cable networks. Impressive.

Major Crimes takes the female character formerly portrayed as the antagonist and puts her in control of that same department. It continues the series’ “8th” season with the same storyline and plot of solving crimes, but this time the stories are told through the eyes of all the characters. Where the detective guys were pawns in the background organization in The Closer, here they are all main characters. I like that POV variety, the surprise of whose story we the viewer will see this week. There’s drama, crime, a smidge of forbidden romance, and victory as the bad guys are sent to jail. I’ve watched the DVD series Season 2 so much that the third disc hiccups when playing. The Season 4 premier is Monday, June 8. Days: 24 and counting.

I have a mild addiction to colored ink pens. I don’t believe in writing with black ink pens unless legally necessary. Entries in my personal journals have always been written in different colors, so that it’s obvious where one ends and the next begins. One should always carry a variety of colors to reflect one’s mood or provide more color options in any book. Every bag or purse needs that mix of colors, and that results in many packages of pens. Don’t forget the computer workspace and the dining room table and the….

I have a mild addiction to journals. The covers attract me, be they humorous or colorful, motivational or whimsical. You can’t have too many, because you have to choose the next one based on your mood or size or whatever your criteria.

Care to share yours? I’d love to know I’m not the only obsessive person on this planet.


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