On Zentangle and (impatiently) waiting

“When a thing is done, it’s done. Don’t look back.”~George Marshall, American soldier

Waiting. Waiting. Waiting.

My NFPW 1st-place entries have moved onto Nationals. How did I do? I’m waiting to hear.

I’m fortunate to have a strong writing background, from the encouragement my high school English teacher gave me to the subjects I explored obtaining my English Minor degree in college to the sentence-by-sentence guidance my first newspaper editor gave me. That last one is the most valuable, and I’m still amazed that she took the time–made the time–to teach me how to write strong text. She saw something in me and believed in me. I always believed in myself, too; I just needed the opportunity to show my creativity. I got that, many times over.

I learned about NFPW when I moved to Delaware with my fiancé-now-husband. I was already an established “professional” writer, meaning I had bylines in print media, and that was enough for me to join NFPW and the local chapter that still bursts with amazing, strong writing and more. I entered contests. I won. I entered again and again. I won again and again. It was pretty cool.

Jump forward years and my move to Michigan. Writing opportunities were scarce, but I found a few outlets. I entered the NFPW contest as At-Large since there was no local chapter, and I won. However, I wasn’t just submitting column assignments. I was entering my personal writings: my books, this blog. Now I was being judged on my personal writing, and it’s hard not to take losses personally. Now I value these awards and recognitions on a much higher level.

Three out of this year’s four entries are being reviewed and critiqued by industry professionals as I type. The other day, I thought about that. When are the winners announced? Last year’s email came June 26. That’s two weeks, 11 long days from now if the calendar remains similar. This year I’m super-impatient.


Di’s Diva #222: Color explosion

.My 10-hour fiction book moved on, and I’m still dazzled by that. I’m confident that my Michigan Scrapbooker Magazine articles will place again. My blog, this one right (write) here…well, we’ll see about that. I want to know about Jimmy the Burglar. I don’t want to know about Jimmy the Burglar. All I can do is wait.


Who doesn’t love a little bling?

The Diva’s weekly Zentangle Challenge #222 is perfect for me this week: it’s all about color. Feel colorful, be color-full. I wanted my Zentangle to sparkle.

I didn’t have any black tiles on hand, so I pulled out my Gelly Roll Starburst Meteor pens. I haven’t used glitter in…well, far too long. This made me smile. Still feeling a smidge impatient, I used several of my go-to tangles to complete my Zentangle tile. I’m happy.

With nothing to do but wait for results, I can feel positive by focusing on other works in progress: my memoir, my Zentangle stories, the next installment of Jimmy the Burglar, my haiku chapbooks. Might as well have some productive thoughts while I wait.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Suzanne Fluhr
    Jun 17, 2015 @ 14:48:12

    Diana, you are a very busy, creative person and you share two of my passions—writing and zentangle—although I dare say you are quite a bit more accomplished in both. As a recovering lawyer, I got started a bit late. I certainly did a lot of writing as a lawyer, but legal writing is very stylized and meant to be persuasive. Creative writing is a different thing. You used several of my favorite tangles with your glitter pens and I know from experience that they are more difficult to control than felt tips, but you pulled it off admirably. Best of luck with your writing contest entries.


    • dwhirsch
      Jun 18, 2015 @ 16:10:37

      Thank you, thank you!
      Whether you started writing at age 4 (like I did) or at 44 (or whatever youthful age you choose), you’re WRITING. That’s the key! Too many people “want to be” a writer. When you “do” write, then you are a writer. Definitely, assignments (your law work, my articles) differ completely from personal start-from-scratch-for-your-own-enjoyment works. I’ll keep everyone posted here.
      My best to you as you follow your journey. :)


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