Calm on the Horizon for haiku and ROW80 goals

“Maybe all one can do is hope to end up with the right regrets.”~Arthur Miller, American playwright


Haiku Horizons, Week 72: Calm

Blog hops. Blog challenges. As if I don’t have enough writing to do, I’ve launched into several of these recently.

These are fun, but I don’t hold myself to the stress of must-do every week/weekend/whatever time frame. I fit these into my own writing schedule. When I choose to participate, I meet new people, new writers. There’s exposure to different tales and similar experiences. That’s why I recommend doing them. There’s a wealth of social connections out there, and this is one way to discover and expand your network.

Haiku Horizons is one of them. I’m attracted to the brevity of a 13-syllable story. Yes, this poetry style is a story in its own. This week’s prompt, Calm, is perfect to tie together everything I’ve been thinking about today.

A Round of Words in 80 Days (ROW80) is a blog challenge, a public accountability of your goals and plans, using the small steps to get there. As a fan of rectangular, yellow sticky notes and the insane aspect of To-Do lists I mentioned here the other day, I thought about what I wanted to happen over the next 3 months.

There’s so much. Almost too much. The idea behind ROW80 is to attack that To-Do Monster and tame it into a tail-wagging puppy we can snuggle up to and embrace.

ROW80 encourages participants to break down those wish lists into achievable goals. Wandering around the linky list of participants, there are some ROWers I feel are not breaking them down. For me to be successful, I need to see more of the steps, less of the idea.


We all have ideas. The “what makes a good goal” ROW80 post from 2012 really made me think about breaking down the steps, I mean chip-chopping them into the smallest successful steps I can. The idea is “actionable.”

Today I sat in a local coffeeshop in peace and calm to get this mess and madness out of my head. The feel and control of a pen is power-full, so I wrote my big projects down. I always write in colored ink pens unless I’m creating a Zentangle, so today’s purple and sky blue pens made the visual fun for me. Here’s what I came up with.

Big Goals:
Finish DadMemoir and get to editor
Crowdfund for Alaska
Pre-write Deadwood blogposts
Pre-write/catchup my blog posts
Finish posting AtoZ Challenge posts
Get email client service – do this in August
Update my website’s About Me
Update my website’s Writing
Update Amazon Author Pg.
Catchup email
Social media
Read/review books on goodreads and Amazon
Make time to journal
Glasses by Alaska
Play games
Time with family
Call relatives
Call friends
Haircut and/or perm and/or coloring

Now that I’ve listed them out, some are more important than others, and some have inflexible due dates. The Motown Writers Network is a Detroit writer’s group I’m a member of, and they encourage a monthly 30-day challenge. So let’s look at 80 days, 30 at a time.

Finish DadMemoir and find an editor.
Two goals in one feels like cheating,, but the first must be completed before the second, which sounds obvious, but based on the work I’ve done on my current draft, the reality is that they need to be done simultaneously.  When I schedule my writing time, I must make this priority in writing time.

Finish DadMemoir
–Write/edit at 3-4 days a week, 2-3 hours each time would be ideal. Based on my work schedule, this is achievable.
–Print a new draft every Thursday morn. That means I need to have significant change and edits worth to justify printing 160-ish pages and printer ink. Also means I need changes and have a timeline timeframe and deadline. Thursdays are my open days, so this fits well with my life.

Explore options for an editor
–Look up 2 editing services each week. Check out Fiverr, my old emails.
–Send out samples/inquiries


Happy news! I won two National awards in this year’s National Federation of Press Women Communicator Contest, and I am travelling to Anchorage, AK to accept them. That’s an inflexible deadline, and it’s not a cheap jaunt from Michigan.

Crowdfunding for Alaska NFPW Conference
–review guidelines
–write up description
–choose reward levels
–post: complete on July 11 or 12
–promote on social media, email
–start promo Sunday night, Monday morn

Glasses by Alaska
–schedule appt. #1 by July 24
–Order sunglasses or distance ones first?
–inquire about what over the counter I could use for reading
–schedule appt. #2 by [DATE?]

Finish April AtoZ posting posts
–Review all
–set reminders in Due app: post mornings, my regular blogposts in evening

So let’s see what these next 30 days bring, one day at a time.


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