Have you noticed lately?

“The great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.”~Walter Bagehot, British journalist

How dependent we are on our electronic devices.

I met with my editor the other day, and she commented that she can run her entire magazine from her laptop in a coffee shop. It’s pretty amazing the technology today.  Similarly, I can write for any publication anywhere as well as publish a book with a touch of a button.

But when’s the last time you looked up?  The life you write about is just above your keyboard and computer screen.

Sitting in downtown Detroit’s Great Lakes Coffee, their WiFi was jittery and didn’t have a stable connection.  My tablet could not connect to the network. There was a businessman sitting across from me, and he couldn’t get on the network either.

I always wonder why a businessman has reason to be in a coffeeshop at 3:10pm on a Friday afternoon.  Me, I’m done with work for the day and am waiting for an evening event nearby.

I had a conversation with the man. A real human being, in person.

He had an accent. Middle-Eastern, I think.  Soft voice, casual and smooth.  I would never have known that.

If I’d been looking at my screen, I’d never have noticed his pale blue shirt, a color that reminded me of my husband’s shirts because he has ones of a similar color.  This man wrote a tie, formal right down to the tie clip, but he took his jacket off.

We would never have had a polite conversation about the lack of WiFi and technology.

He never would have seen me smile at him.


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