Tune in for my radio interview!

“Love isn’t something you found; love is something that finds you.”~Loretta Young, American acrtress

Today is the day: my on-air interview with Michigan Literary Network radio.


Publicity for me on the radio

Let’s get it over with and break out the Donna Summer here: “They said it really loud. They said it on the air. On the radio…whoa oh ohh. On the radio…whoa oh ohh.

Yes, it’s a little bit intimidating. It’s a whole lot of exciting.

Does this make me a “real” writer?

When do we, as writers, stop asking ourselves that? Here is someone believing in me, and here I am, wondering about myself.

Let’s face it: I do have the confidence of believing in myself, of trusting myself. But I think every writer has insecurities, and this is the first public forum focusing on me. That’s daunting.

That’s exhilarating!

And I am not a person who uses exclamation points often.

I’ve spent years interviewing subjects for my magazine articles, and I craft good questions. I’m approachable with my subjects through my research and my personality. I condense strings and strands of words into tight, meaningful quotes. As a writer, my interviews rock.

Do I give as strong an interview? Will the techniques I employ help me? Of course, this is my first time….

What do I hope for? I hope I don’t cough. I talk with my hands, more so when nervous, so I hope my voice doesn’t ramble in response. I want people to adore me and have fun listening to my interview. I want listeners to learn from my words.

Before you listen live at 5:30pm EST to my interview here, check out what I consider to be the most important prep-time action items:


Have a fully charged phone



Supplies to prevent coughing and give an energetic boost



Have the call-in phone number handy



Set a timer, just in case



Never underestimate a bathroom break first



Be on time


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