A Storm-y haiku on the horizon

“We can only learn to love by loving.”~Iris Murdoch, Irish author

There are a lot of phone apps out there to make writing more fun and creative. My current favorites include There’s Notegraphy, which adds different styles to the text you write. InstaQuote allows you to alter font style and size as well as backgrounds and emoji. Use Your Handwriting translates the text that you write–print or cursive–to create a specialized style that adapts to your handwriting the more you use it.

These are free, or mostly free, in the iPhone app store, but I’m not sure what is available for Android phones. Can you Android users add to this list?


There are many more apps to combine words with photos, but that’s a creative exploration for another day. I’ve been using the three listed above to play with my poetry I place on my social media accounts as well as on this blog. I love using them for the Haiku Horizons weekly challenge. This week we’re up to Week 85 with the theme “storm.”


One app I played with is HaikuPopper. It’s a random word generator game, giving you 60 seconds to create a 5-7-5 haiku from the words that scroll down the screen. I’ve created some fun, silly, stupid, unintelligible, confusing and clever haikus using that. Today I tried to create something representing the sense of storm, and on my second try, I came up with something that conveys the idea without using that specific word. “Storm” just did not pop up in my list.

What are your thoughts on my poetic creations?


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