A #WeekendCoffeeShare wherein I discuss perils and pitfalls of writing

If we were having coffee, I’m making it a double for me.  I was awake late into yesterday morning putting the finishing touches on my annual Halloween Party for A Fanciful Twist’s annual Halloween blog hop.  Oh, it’s well worth it, but I like to plan more ahead of time.  The creativity of writing can get stifled by deadline.  And naps, although naps are good for the soul.

It’s also another #ROW80 check-in Sunday.  I don’t have much to say about that because, once again, I’ve put other things in front of my writing.  Priorities?  Where are they?  Or when?

I can use the excuse that our washer decided to leave this world, and waiting for our new little-big one took time and shopping.  I could have been writing.  I think I did, a little, but with one eye on the scheduled delivery time, it’s hard to write with one eye.  Unless you’re a pirate.  And I’m not a pirate, despite my best efforts.

I could use the excuse of my car being in the shop again for a runny nose, but not having my comfortable transportation is more reason to be writing when I’m stuck at home.  Or driving our other car to coffee shops or bookstores to write at.

I can use the excuse of writing that Halloween blog post.  Fun writing, for sure, but an extra curricular activity from my ROW80 goals.

It’s tough to write, to find–no, make–the time.  I made the time to start some things:

It turns out that I have an unused gmail.com account from signing up on Google years ago.  Can I use that in this MailChimp thing?  Finding an email was the first obstacle to overcome.

Ummmm…I did draft some while out with my husband recently.  I typed up one or two, but haven’t made time to review and polish before publish.

The only thing I stay on top of for sure is Instagram.  That is fun!  I’m rather good about Twitter.  I’ve had some cool writing events to add onto my Facebook Author Page, but I never did.

I have found some new blogs to follow through Instagram links, Twitter chats, so I consider this a success.  More blog reading, however, takes away from more blog writing.

Not doing this has kept me from being accountable to myself.  I thought about doing this.  Perhaps that counts.

I did spend friend-scrapbook time, both out of the house and at Friday’s annual Halloween Crop at Casa de la Hirsch.  That refreshes my soul.  So does writing, and now that it’s been more than a few days, I’m antsy to write something, but where do I begin?

So I ask you, as we sip our coffees, how do you write? This is my goal, my focus, my life, and yet somehow I find excuses to make. Writing is about exploring, and then translating that into the wonders of words. Thank you for making the time to stop and explore my site today. It means a lot to me, and I hope this exploration makes your day wonder-full and inspiration-all.


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