What socks can teach us about life

“If there is no struggle, there is no progress.”~Frederick Douglass, American author

The conversation went something like this:

SHE (to class): “What three words describe you?”

ME (raising my hand): “Whimsical, charming, persnickety.”

SHE (to me): “‘Persnickety.’ That’s a good one.”
SHE (to class): “That’s for sure because I work with her. She’s persnickety alright, and she wears wild socks. Everyday we walk in and wonder and look, ‘What kind of fun socks is she wearing today?'”

Everyone turns to look at me. I raise one leg and show off my orange-and-black striped socks.

SHE: “There you go. Anyone else have three words about themselves?”

I had no idea my whimsy was noticed and appreciated; beyond myself, of course. Well, that’s not true. A woman in my writers group mentioned them once, but it was the first time I wore some funky orange patterned socks my husband gave me, so I thought her comment was a one-time thing. The socks which add a quirkiness to what could be a mundane day makes my coworkers smile, something I would not have know if she had not mentioned it. Who knows who else has noticed them in passing and not said anything?


Chillin’ with my aptly-named skeleton, Socks, before Halloween

Far from lecturing here, tell people what catches your eye, whether it’s their socks, necklace, shirt, or whatever. Gals, we know that we often dress for other women, so let her know she’s amazing that day. Guys, a simple “That’s cool” to another guy or “(Pet name), you look extra-lovely today. That (clothing/hairstyle) looks great.”

I’m wearing my socks, crazy and non-standard as they are. In fact, now that I have a sock standard in my life, my feet tighty whities may be relegated to exercise socks, the kind I don’t mind if they get a hole in them…unless my WiiFit board says something about them. My WiiFit is the friendly sort, so who knows?

Be your extra-self today.


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