Resolve to Be the holiday

“The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.”~H. Jackson Brown, Jr., American author

‘Tis the season for rushing and reminiscing.

Who made plans last year? Who set goals for 2015? Who followed through on any of them?

I had a 33% success rate on my Non-Resolutions writing commitments with my Deadwood Writers Group.  That’s not bad.  I don’t feel the least bit guilty.  In fact, I’m excited–totally thrilled–that I accomplished #3.  That has helped me relax a lot.   You can read about my thoughts and refocusing here.

I like Mondays these days.  I have a great work schedule with a solid chunk of writing time smooshed between my two shifts.  I plan and write future blog posts; I catch up on some social media; I edit my book(s); plus, I drink coffee and tea, and occasionally I get a warm pastry.  All I hear from people is that their schedule is outta whack, that they can’t do their normal things because they are rushing around doing everything else.  Hey, I’m not caught up on shopping or wrapping, but this time here–from 12noon until 4pm–is a space that I guard tightly.  I look forward to this every Monday.  I refuse to give it up for anything less than a true emergency.

Routine is important, especially during these rush-n-fuss holidays.  I learned that when I first taught Zentangle classes.  The freehand art form is relaxing and distressing, everything we need at this time in December, but we tell ourselves that there’s no time to relax. There are Important Things to do, yet this is the exact time when we need to stop and breathe.


He baked cookies for me

I come from a small family, so perhaps I don’t get the self-imposed pressure.  Would anyone really miss the homemade pie?  Would people be disappointed with store-bought greeting cards rather than handmade ones?  Yes, these friends and family members might, but they’re also the first people who would support you in your time of stress.


He supplied snacks for last weekend’s crop at Casa de la Hirsch

I was up late last night–or early this morning, whatever your point of view–finishing our Christmas newsletter.  I fell behind in social media and blog post planning.  Email is more under control, but still an obnoxious number to wade through.  My husband took it upon himself to do the final newsletter edit and get the double-sided, full-color document printed at Kinko’s.  He jumpstarted the assembly line of addressing and signing Christmas cards.  I’ll be stuck licking the envelopes, but he has supported me with only one nudge to finish the newsletter by today.  He has not interrupted my precious writing time.  He knows I need this.

The holidays are not about food or presents; they’re about the gifts we give to each other and ourselves. Be understanding. Be helpful. Be relaxed. Be relaxing. Not everybody’s Monday is likeable or anticipated, so be the Friday that people look forward to.


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