Great parking spots

Parking lots…the final wasteland.  These are the journeys of cars and automobiles.  My continuing talent: to explore strange new lots, to seek out close spaces and new parking garages, to boldly park where no one has parked before.

During my college era, two friends and I discovered our once-hidden talents.  My roomie could wolf-whistle, one you could hear across a crowded cafeteria.  Our next-door roommate always found a dryer in the laundry room as her wash cycle ended.  Me, I find parking spaces.  This talent is not car-specific, driver-specific, or location-specific; parking spaces open up to me.  No matter the time of day, a car will back out in front of me in a mall parking lot during  holiday shopping season. 

Here are some of those spots and the stories behind them. 

September 22, 2010

This is in a college town’s only parking garage.  The spaces are numbered, and I got first level, lucky #13.


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