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Fresh and funky.  Casual and flirty.  Controversial and insightful.  These words and more describe my potpourri writing career.  My award-winning books and articles published in newspaper and magazines include personality profiles, travel, reviews, and more.  For more information on my writing services, contact me at diwolf [@] aol(.)com.

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BOOKS AND SHORT STORIES ================================================
LessonsDadLetterToYou-eBook-CoverForWebsite--2Lessons From Dad: A Letter To You
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.”This tribute to the author’s father reminds us that to a child, even an “adult child”, it’s the little everyday things that count and are remembered. We can all learn from this in our daily dealings with those we love. In that sense it holds a message for everyone”
eBook-MomStarTrekLasVegas-CoverImageForWebsiteMom, Star Trek and Las Vegas: A Grand Adventure
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.Have you been brainwashed by your parents? I have, multiple times. One of those events is named Star Trek, and this is a true story. You don’t have to be a science fiction fan to connect with the love expressed between parents and children, no matter the quirkiness of anything or anyone. If you’re a Trekkie, take this walk down memory lane and compare your humble beginnings.
IMG_0708Jimmy the Burglar
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ARTICLES ==========================================

Here’s a sampling of my favorite works:

Refresh your craft with a Zentangle break   Explore the relaxing art of Zentangle®, somewhat like a full body massage for your brain.  Contact me if you would like more info or to inquire about classes.

Journey to Journaling: Using social media updates in your scrapbooks If you are tweeting or posting status updates on social media, then you are already journaling. With little effort, you can turn these words into scrapbooks, mini albums or captioned photos. Read how easy it is here.

How to make and trade artist trading cards    This small artform has a large following.  Experiment with painting, sketching, collage, inkjet transfer, gel medium and so much more.  Check out some of my ATCs on this site.

Journey to Journaling: Telling a good story can be fun  Scrapbookers are often intimidated by the J-Word, but here are some fun, fun ways to get the words out of your head and onto paper.

Ephemera: Saving the real scraps of our lives  Scrapbooking is more than just photos. Read why it’s also about words, movie ticket stubs and burnt shirts.

Smartphone writing apps: 2014-4Winter1415-MIScrapbooker-JournalApps

Beginning art journal:  2014-1Spring-MIScrapbooker-ArtJournaling

TP mini album:  2014-2Summer-MIScrapbooker-TPMiniALbum

Social media journaling:  2015-2Summer-MIScrapbooker-SocialMediaJournal

Mini album from maps:

Instructions for acrylic mini album:  2013-2Summer-MIScrapbooker-AcrylicAlbumInstruct

Mini-mini albums:  2013-4Winter1314-MiniMiniAlbums

Hidden journaling:  2013-1Spring-MIScrapbooker-HiddenJournaling

Acrylic mini albums display:  2012-4Winter1213-MIScrapbooker-AcrylicAlbums


Gambling with Wilmington’s Waterfront  This daring exposé into the pros and cons of Delaware’s proposed casino won the First Place National Award in the 2005 annual NFPW contest.

A Nation Celebrates Marshmallow & Sugar  My signature piece for U.S.1 newspaper.  Fluff and sugarlove make yummy treats.  Do you prefer them soft or crunchy?  What’s the rarest color of Peeps?  Can Peeps be used on pizza?  Read on for those answers and more from Marshmallow Peeps HQ in Bethlehem, PA.

A Penny For Your EC Collection  Pre-1982 coins are the best to use for Smashed Pennies.  Want to know why…?
Text-only version:

Get Hip To An Old Dance You, too, can bellydance. Far from svelte sultans of swing, a little extra jiggle in the hippy, hippy shake is a good thing.

My Father, My Friend   I am my father’s daughter!

Dealing with fate  This insightful look into the realm of psychics still reigns as the most requested reprint from Spark’s archives.

Penn State College Weekend   Gotta give a shout out for my beloved alma mater.  Three reasons to visit: Death By Chocolate Creamery ice cream, grilled stickies from the Diner, and….


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